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Harvard Business School Senior Executive Program – Africa


Opportunity for you to expand your leadership skills as well as your knowledge of local, regional, and global markets. Participating in a blended Executive Education program at Harvard Business School, where you get the best of both worlds. The Harvard Business School Senior Executive Program provides a powerful learning experience that combines highly immersive in-person modules in a regional location and on the HBS campus with an interactive self-paced virtual module.

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Moreover, the Senior Executive Program is ideal for those who wish to equip themselves as Africa-based leaders with cutting-edge leadership, strategy, and innovation skills applicable across Africa and beyond. However, in this article, we will provide information in detail on everything you need to know about the Harvard Business School Senior Executive Program. From key benefits of the education program to admission criteria, the application process, and any other important information pertaining to the education program.

About the Harvard Business School Senior Executive Program

African countries face a distinct set of social, economic, and political conditions that create unique business challenges—along with exciting opportunities. To gain a competitive advantage, businesses across the continent need exceptional, confident leaders. This education program prepares you to expand your leadership skills as well as your knowledge of local, regional, and global markets.

Moreover, by improving your ability to design and execute winning strategies, deliver innovative offerings, nurture high-performance teams, and navigate rapid change, you will be ready to help your company drive growth in Africa’s dynamic markets. Also, Harvard Business School offers this program in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) of the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

HBS Executive Education programs are developed and taught by HBS faculty who are widely recognized as skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, and award-winning authors. Through their board memberships, consulting, and field-based research, they address the complex challenges facing business leaders across the globe.  In the Senior Executive Program—Africa, HBS faculty teach alongside top African faculty who are deeply immersed in African business practices, enabling participants to benefit from a wide range of African and global business insights and best practices.

The Senior Executive Program—Africa is designed to help you grow as a leader while minimizing time away from work. Emphasizing business challenges of greatest relevance to leaders in African markets, the curriculum examines the real-life experiences of executives from Africa and around the world to illuminate best practices in management and leadership.

Harvard Business School (HBS) is the graduate business school of Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. It is consistently ranked among the top business schools in the world and offers a large full-time MBA program, management-related doctoral programs, and many executive education programs.

Program Summary

Moreover, here’s an overview of the HBS Senior Executive Program:

Program Sponsor(s):

Harvard Business School and;

Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)

Host Institution(s)/ Location:

Virtual, Harvard Business Campus, Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) Campus.

Field(s) of Study:

Business Education courses. Click here to view eligible courses.


See the benefits section below for more details

Number of Awards:

Not specified

Target Group/ Eligible Nationalities:

African countries

Key Benefits

Moreover, featuring a regional in-person module, an independent work module, and an in-person module on the HBS campus, this program enables rapidly growing organizations to drive business momentum through more effective leadership.

By gaining deeper insight into the best practices of successful business leaders, you will be better equipped to lead effectively and help your organization achieve ambitious goals in local markets, regional markets, and across Africa.

  • Design an effective strategy for business growth in an African context—within your country or across borders
  • Differentiate your offerings and deliver more value to customers
  • Implement changes that align your organization for optimal execution
  • Improve your organization’s ability to innovate
  • Build a sustainable, accountable organization with greater transparency and stronger governance
  • Develop enduring bonds with accomplished peers from across the African continent

Eligibility/ Admissions Criteria for the Harvard Business School Senior Executive Program

However, you must meet the following criteria below to be eligible to apply for the HBS Education Program:


Each Executive Education program has its own requirements, if you have a proven track record of business success and leadership potential, then HBS Executive Education may be right for you.

In general, you must have at least 10 years of work experience and be referred by a senior executive within your organization, a board member of your company, or a Harvard Business School graduate who is familiar with your role and responsibilities and can provide a detailed firsthand account.

Although there are no formal educational requirements, the selective admissions process is based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility.

Other requirements for the program include:

  • Language proficiency
  • Community values
  • Letter of reference

Click here for more details on the admissions requirements.

Who Should Attend

Experienced senior executives in African companies who have significant responsibility in strategic decision-making. Participants typically represent growth-oriented organizations, including:

  • Established private or state-owned companies
  • Local, multinational, or pan-African businesses
  • Growing family businesses
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Government agencies, especially those working closely with the private sector

Participants might include CEOs, CFOs, business line heads, or other senior members of a company’s executive team, as well as directors-general of government agencies.

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How to Apply for the HBS Senior Executive Program

Furthermore, you can follow the guide below to apply for the program:

Firstly, you start by researching the education program offerings, you can use the Program Finder tool on the official website to compare your program options. However, note that each HBS Executive Education program has its own set of admissions criteria.

Moreover, in order to apply to a program, you’ll need to submit an online application. To access a specific program’s application, visit the Apply/Log-In page and select the program and session that interests you. Your application and all required documents must be received before you will be considered for program admission. Some programs require additional supporting materials, so please read the admissions requirements for your selected program thoroughly.

Please note that if you have not applied to a program previously, you’ll need to create an account. (Alternatively, you can download a PDF application and submit the application via mail or email). All applications will be acknowledged via email.

Additional Notes

However, it is important to visit the official website for more detailed information on the eligibility requirements and how to apply for this scholarship program. In addition, please note the following as well:

There is no fee for applying to an HBS Executive Education program. Moreover, the program fee only includes tuition, single-occupancy accommodations, most meals, and all program materials. Incidentals such as dry cleaning, entertainment, phone bills, and the like are not included in the program fee.

Once you’ve been notified of your acceptance, you’ll have 30 days to complete the payment. If admission is within 30 days prior to the start of the program, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Payments are accepted by company check, bank wire transfer, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).

Official Website

In conclusion, please refer to the official website using the link below for details on the eligibility requirements and application instruction for this education program. This is because information may change at any moment without notice.

Official Website


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