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Internships in UK for International Students: UK Internships for International Graduates


So let’s discuss the internships in the UK for international students across the globe; Internships in the UK offer you an opportunity to meet employers who often use internships to assess a student’s or graduate’s capability. They sometimes use internships to recruit employees from the interns they have seen rather than advertise their vacancies.  So it’s a good idea to apply for internships in fields that you really have an interest in or experience. Also, an internship gives students a taste of what it is like to work in their preferred sector. In addition to that, it gives students a competitive advantage while applying for graduate jobs.

Internship in Germany

If you are planning an internship in the UK, then you should consider the summer holidays, as this is the most popular time for students in the UK to begin their internships.


Therefore, most students in the UK usually use the holiday period to do their internships and this can be because an internship taken during term time would risk interfering with their studies.

Here, there are student internships and graduate internships. Student internships are those internships that a student takes during the summer holidays while they are still enrolled in their university.

Then the Graduate internships are internships that are taken by students who have already graduated from their university or college course and are gaining valuable experience in their chosen field.

If you are lucky with your internship, you can earn a little extra money while interning at a company. They solve the lack of time with classes, Such companies will help to complete some of the assignments, loosen up some of the time and turn in the coursework on time.

More about UK internship

Firstly, United Kingdom is now, more than ever, a premier destination for students looking to intern abroad at leading companies.

An internship in UK provides opportunities for college students and recent graduates to stand out among job applicants.

It is a country to gain work experience, but also to intern in a place that speaks English. Internships in England can be found in a variety of fields such as business, technology, economics, communications, and politics.

UK has always been a popular tourist destination due to its rich history, diverse culture, and exciting current or new events.

England is also in a central location to Europe, providing an opportunity to take weekend trips to explore surrounding countries.

NOTE: British English does differ from American English, so some words and terminology will differ.

Are There Any Paid Internships In The UK?

Yes! It’s true that unpaid internships are more common than paid internships, but you can definitely get your hands on a paid internship. This is of course possible if you do your research well.

Students have his  motive in figuring out how to find an internship in the UK, many top companies offer students a sizable stipend to intern with them.

Many small businesses have also started offering students a paid UK internship but these companies get the best students working for them.

If you’re wondering about how to apply for an internship in the UK, make sure you research well through the internship websites.

Can International Students Do Internships?

Yes, international students can do internships, universities in the UK allow and even encourage students to do an internship as long as it does affect their studies.

Students need to meet a few criteria in order to understand how to find an internship in the UK. They are not allowed to do an internship if you are a part-time postgraduate student or if your course is below degree level.


Can I Do An Internship That Is Different From My Studies?

yes, you can be a full-time University student and apply for an internship in the UK that isn’t related to your studies. But you are allowed to work only part-time during the term (up to 20 hours a week).

Are There Any Paid Internships In The UK?

Yes! you can definitely get your hands on a paid internship if you do your research well. Many top companies offer students a sizable stipend to intern with them.

Visas for Interns in England (Internships in UK for International Students)

If you are also studying abroad while interning in England, you must apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa which allows you to stay in the country for up to four years.

This visa requires you to submit a letter from your U.K. University confirming acceptance and a bank statement confirming that you have enough money available.

Interning in UK, you will be required to get a Tier 5 Visa. This visa is valid for up to six months and requires you to show proof of your internship as well as bank statements.

Why You should do an internship

When you undertake an internship, you can expect to:

  • increase your skills and knowledge;
  • improve your understanding of a particular job or industry;
  • gain an insight into the way organizations operate and the challenges they face;
  • network

internships benefits for you can include:

  • income;
  • travel or lunches that are subsidised;
  • attendance at in-company training courses; and
  • reference from your supervisor for future job applications.

Cost of Living in England (Internships in UK for International Students)

Most students find internships in large cities like London and Cambridge, and thus the cost of living tends to be high.

Since the British Pound is monetarily stronger than the American dollar, the cost of living is more expensive in UK as compared to some U.S. cities.

Average, students need about 350 to 500 pounds ($500- $900) for food and personal expenses every month, not including housing.

Government in UK

England’s government is quite unlike the United States. Students find England’s monarchy and parliamentary government fascinating to learn about. Government internship opportunities include working for MPs (Members of Parliament), political parties, and lobbying groups in England.

Eligibility (Internships in UK for International Students)

In order to apply for this program, all applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Currently be enrolled in or recently graduated from (within 12 months of your internship start date) a university or other higher aid institution (technical college, etc.);
  • Be/have been in good academic standing.

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