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Internship in USA: Internship USA – Internship placement Programs for all International Students across USA


If you want to set out for a work and study program or a full internship in the USA as an international student then this is an opportunity for you to move to the USA and explore your talents while you study at the most conducive and favorable research environment across the globe. It doesn’t matter if you are situated in busy New York, vibrant Chicago, the friendly Midwest, or anywhere else, America caters to every personality and interest.  It is the perfect internship destination for anyone–whether you are just starting out in your career or want to gain experience in a particular field.

Internship in USA

More about the US Internships

The United States has the world’s largest economy and internship opportunities in almost every industry. Therefore, Interning in the U.S. will not only provide you with a business network and look great on your CV but it’s also a fantastic place to live for a few years.

The country also has a strong work reputation, safe work environments, and internship opportunities in almost every sector available.

Then Interning in the United States looks incredible on a CV after graduation, giving you a chance to perfect your English skills completely.

In addition to that, An internship in the U.S. will provide you the opportunity to build an international network, and expand on transferable skills.

Even if you are situated in busy New York, vibrant Chicago, the friendly Midwest, or anywhere else, America caters to every personality and interest.

Other countries often find American’s friendly, they have some of the top sectors include government, entertainment, technology, and healthcare.

Fields of Study for the USA Internship

USA offers internships in nearly every field in every level of college education. check below for some of them:

  • Marketing / Communications
  • Graphic design
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Film/TV
  • Event Management
  • Hospitality / Tourism
  • Fashion
  • Business / Management
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Facility Management
  • Technology / Engineering / Electrical
  • Legal
  • Logistics / Distribution
  • IT / Computer
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • International Business
  • Sports Management
  • Health Care
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Aviation (Engineering)
  • Education (Teacher program)

Popular USA cities with Internships for International Students

1. New York City

New York City continues to be a global city of opportunity with countless positions in finance, marketing, management, and the whole business sector.

Boasting as one of the biggest reputations of all cities in the US, also having Apple which has has drawn millions of ambitious workers from around world.

It is a pack of diversity and economic prosperity like the Statue of Liberty showing why millions of immigrants that helped build the country arrived on the city’s shores.

2. Los Angeles (Internship in USA)

The City of Angels is synonymous with bumper-to-bumper traffic, Hollywood, and colorful neighborhoods that have formed over decades.

Los Angeles attracts international students looking for internships in entertainment, hospitality, culinary arts, business, and others.

Finally, it is the second largest city by population in the US cranking out most of the big budget Blockbusters throughout the world’s history of film.

3. Washington D.C.

It is the nation’s capital and a no-brainer for internships in the USA for international students. To really get the full experience in American politics, D.C. is definitely the place to be.

Other benefits of interning in the White House’s shadow is that you won’t ever run out of museums, monuments, and buildings to learn about the country’s history.

4. Chicago (Internship in USA)

Chicago has a very particular personality unmatched by even its bigger brother, NYC. Also has good architecture, a portly population, and a tantalizing, glittering lake that’s always too cold to dip in.

International students will find a cozy urban jungle with a touch of sophistication living in Chicago, where there are internships abound in its top-notch hotels etc.

5. San Francisco

Internships for international students in San Francisco and the surrounding areas will have unparalleled opportunities to work in tech, start-ups, and global firms.

The City of San Francisco itself is an international student favorite for its world-famous sloping streets, red trolleys, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Companies like Google, Adobe, and Facebook are headquartered here, which means you have all the largemeats in one place.

When and Where to Look for an Internship in the U.S.A

You just have to know how to find them, the easiest way to find internships abroad is through an internship company you already have in the U.S.

Without using a third party company, it will be very hard to find an internship in the U.S.A. as there are so many qualified American students around.

However, all You need is to find companies that are particularly looking to take international students, companies look for international students as they have different qualifications and skills to contribute.

Most international internships in the U.S. will take place in the summer and last somewhere between 2-3 months long.

This is one of the best times for students to find practicums in between university or college semesters.

USA application process (Internship in USA)

  1. Application – Apply for our USA internship program
  2. English Level Assessment – In order to participate in this program the candidate must have an intermediate English level.
  3. Internship proposal.
  4. Final Payment
  5. Program Registration fee – To confirm registration, Spain Internship collects the application fee from a student. The registration fee is €300.
  6. Skype Admittance Consultation – Candidate will partake in a Skype consultation with our agency partner in the USA. Spain Internship will receive the report with the result of the consultation.
  7. Visa Application – The student applies for a student Visa at the embassy. The student will get support with the application process.
  8. Arrival – Candidate arrives in the USA and attends an orientation at the agency partner.
  9. Placement Process

Summer Internship Program USA 2021 (Internship in USA)

1. Cyber Security Analytics Researcher Intern Program

The Cyber System Security Group in the United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)  is among the best for all. If you have ideas, inspirations and specializations to continue developing products and systems that make the world a better place to live.


2. Google Software Engineering PhD Internship for Fall in CA, USA 2021

Google is offering an amazing opportunity Software Engineering PhD Intern Program in the state of California. This fall opportunity is available to currently pursuing a PhD degree in computer science or in a related technical field.

3. Supply Management Intern Program at Otis Elevator Company, USA

Take your career to the next level with Supply Management Intern Program. In Otis, they are invoking for an organized self-starter from a supply chain, business, or technical field and interested in a career in the elevator industry.

4. Hot Section Engineering Design Internship Program (Internship in USA)

Hot Section Engineering at Pratt & Whitney is looking for a mechanical and/or aerospace engineering degree student. Candidates in their freshman, sophomore and junior years of an undergraduate program are encouraged to apply for this amazing opportunity.

5. Regulatory Affairs University Internship Program in Hillsboro

Regulatory Affairs Department (RAD) at Clean Water Services is now offering an intern opportunity for highly talented applicants.

The program is open to current or recently graduated student with a Bachelor’s degree, or student working towards a Master’s degree in environmental engineering or other related science.

6. Equifax Finance BI Internship Progra

Equifax is recruiting highly motivated students with strong collaboration and communication skills for its Finance BI Analyst Internship program.

The program is open to all applicants who are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, etc.

7. Data Analytics Internship Program (Internship in USA)

Internships at Otis are rewarding and challenging, which gives you the opportunity to learn, grow and develop through meaningful projects.

This comprehensive internship program will sanction you to earn hands-on experience and broaden your engineering, communication, and business skills.

8. Men’s and Women’s Swimming Intern Coach Program

Frostburg State University Athletics Department is seeking a passionate and experienced Men’s and Women’s Swimming Intern Coach.

The program is a one year full-time paid program for qualified candidates who have a bachelor or master degree with coaching experience.

9. Software Engineering Intern, MS, Fall Program 2021

Google is thrilled to announce the 2021 Software Engineering Intern, MS, Fall Program 2021 that offers personal and professional development.

This is a unique opportunity intended for candidates who are eligible for work authorization in computer science upon completing their education.

10. Ad Sales Internship Summer Program 2021 (Internship in USA)

The Walt Disney Company is offering an amazing opportunity to join their Ad Sales Internship Summer Program 2021.

The program is open to all students who are enrolled as a junior, senior or graduate student in an accredited college/university in the semester prior to the internship.


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