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Work Permit in Singapore: Guide on how to get the Work Permit Visa in Singapore


Getting a visa to a country is actually a good thing but what matters is the kind of visa you are actually planning to use to enter the country, therefore if you really like Singapore as a country and you would like to travel to Singapore to continue your studies or a normal work visa then maybe you should consider getting a work permit visa in Singapore which can actually allow you to work and study at the same time. In this article, we will write down some steps that can help you to secure a work permit visa very easy but of course when you have the right documents with you.

work permit in Singapore

In Singapore, the authorities in lieu of the work visa issue something called a work permit or work pass which enable foreigners to take up temporary or permanent work in the country.

Even though their might be rules of the work permit, the employers who engage foreign workers in Singapore need to provide them with a salary for their service. Also, they will still maintain a security bond as well as provide them with health insurance.

The work permit or pass can be applied for by any qualified and skilled person, who wants to work in Singapore through an appointed employment agent (EA) or employer.

Singapore has become the ideal business and commercial hub in Southeast Asia, partly due to its creative immigration policies.

This mentioned policies are designed to attract seasoned entrepreneurs and working professionals from around the world.

The most popular job profiles in Singapore includes software engineers, data scientists, financial controllers, senior accountants, development managers, and auditors.

What is a Singapore Work Permit

So let’s get this straight, in Singapore, work permits are basic-skilled workers from an approved source territory depending on the sector the worker has a job offer from.

Most importantly, the minimum age restriction for this work visa is 18 years for all non-domestic foreign workers. Meanwhile, the highest limit is 58 years for Malaysians, and 50 years for non-Malaysians.

Overview of the Singapore work visa

One thing you must note is that international work experience is a good point for your portfolio, chances are it will open more doors for you years to come.

According to World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, Singapore comes in at number 1 worldwide for the ethical behavior of companies as well as hiring and firing practices.

Singapore stands out as one of the best countries in the world that offers a healthy lifestyle and numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Consequently, Singapore becomes a target for commercial business and entrepreneurship attracting a bunch of working professionals every year.

Still on same note, about 53% of the employers surveyed aim to peg salary increases at 3 – 5% for the full upcoming years.

However, in order to legally work here, you must have a valid work visa in Singapore and all work visas are tied to the employer.

The type of work visa they have to apply for depends upon the nature of their job and can range from being a skilled professional to an unskilled or semi-skilled professional.

The country requires proper work visas/ passes for foreigners to conduct any business-related activity and the validity of the work permit ranges between 1-2 years.

Finally, Your visa options depends on your profile and experience and any change in your employment will require a change in work visa. .

FAQs on Work Permit in Singapore

  1. How can I pay the application fee through GIRO?To pay the application fee through GIRO, check below…
    • Print the GIRO form
    • Complete Part 1 of the form.
    • Post the original completed form to ‘E-Payment and Admin Fee Management.
    • Once that is done, the outcome is informed within 4 weeks.
    • once the request is approved, the fees need to be paid using eNets Credit or Debit.
  2. Can I check the status of the work permit application?Affirmative, the status of the work permit application can be tracked after the application is successfully submitted.
  3. Can I apply for Singapore work permit using WP Online at any time of the day?Application can be made at any time of the day, however, due to the upgrading of eService in phases, the process of applying, enquiring and cancelling is unavailable between 3am to 4am every day.
  4. what will be my fee for the work permit visa?The fees payable for a Singapore Work Visa or Work Pass is as of now 60 US dollars. 30 US dollars need to be paid while submitting the application, the remaining 30 US dollars is required to be paid when the work pass or permit is issued to the individual by the authorities.

Eligibility Requirement of Singapore Work Permit (WP)

  • Minimum age: 18 and the Maximum age of the foreign work is 50 year-old. Only Malaysians are allowed to work on a work permit visa until 58 year-old.
  • Monthly foreign worker’s levy applies to this work pass.
  • Security bond is required for non-malaysian work permit holder.
  • Employing company must have the eligible quota to hire the work permit holder.
  • Foreigners must come from certain approved traditional source countries such as Malaysia, China, India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea. Only certain industry sectors are allowed to hire work permit hold from non-traditional source like the construction and Marin sector.
  • Medical insurance of a minimum coverage is required.
  • Pre-employment medical check – foreign worker must pass the medical check to ensure the fitness of the employee.

General Documents Required to Apply for Singapore Work Visa

Below are the documents that are required:

  • Appointment letter.
  • A valid passport.
  • Filled Application form.
  • Copy of educational certificates.
  • Work experience certificate.
  • 2 color photographs.
  • Description of the nature of work to be performed by the applicant.

How to Apply for Singapore Work Permit

Check out the below steps to know how you can apply for the work permit

1. Get a Written consent from the applicant to apply for the work permit and then log in to WPOL account to fill out application form and upload required documents.
2. Pay the required application fee via Giro, Visa or Master card.
3. Check the status of application only after 1 weeks.
4. Once your application is approved, you may log into WPOL to download the IPA letter.
5. Login to WPOL to issue the pass and pay the necessary fees and go to MOM card collection centre to attend the face to face appointment.


6. You need to have all your insurance, medical check-up report and bond ready for the issuance of work permit.

Appeal for Work Permit Rejection

If you are facing a work permit rejection  then you should follow up the procedure here; your work permit can be rejected when the company does not have the quota or the applicant is not eligible for work permit.

Then to submit an appeal for work permit, you must login to WP online to upload all the required documents to support your case. The appeal process can take up to 3 weeks from the date of submission.

Renewal for Singapore Work Permit

Just know that you can be able to renew your Work Permit 6 – 8 weeks prior to the existing wp expiry. However, before you renew your WP, you need to make sure that:

  • Your company has the existing quota for the work permit renewal.
  • Make sure to extend the security bond and medical insurance;
  • The applicant’s medical test is still current or the applicant must go to do a new medical check-up at any local clinics in Singapore.

Documents Required for Work Permit Renewal

  • Scanned copy of applicant’s latest passport bio-data with a least 2 year validity.
  • Security bond required for non-Malaysian workers.
  • Extension for the existing Medical insurance for the applicant.
  • Work permit renewal notice which you can download from the WP online.
  • Details for the delivery of the work permit card: An address where the card can be delivered and name, NRIC, Fin or passport numbers and contact details of authorised recipients to receive the card

Work Permit in Singapore

1. Singapore Work Permit (WP)

In Singapore, work permit holders are basic-skilled workers, mainly labourers and domestic workers, from a pre-approved source territory.

The minimum age for the applicant is 18 years for all non-domestic foreign workers; and the upper limit is 58 years for Malaysians, and 50 years for non-Malaysians.

The Singapore Government has put in two additional considerations, in a bid to regulate foreign manpower in the city-state:

  • The employer must be Foreign Worker Levy (FWL) for their work permit holders, whose amount is available by the sector the worker will work in, as well as his or her educational qualifications and skills in place.
  • The employer must adhere to the Dependency Ratio Ceiling (DRC), which is define as – ratio of foreign workers in a Singapore company to the total workforce.

2. Singapore S Pass

S Pass is is available to mid-level skilled foreign workers. Just like what we mention above concerning the FWL and DRC, it is also applicable to all S Pass holders in a Singapore company.

FWL ranges anything between S$315 and S$550 per worker, the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has mandated a sub-Dependency Ceiling (sub-DC) for S Pass holders in a service sector company as 15%.

On assessing an S Pass application, MOM looks at the applicant’s qualifications, work experience, and a monthly salary of at least S$2,500 for young inexperienced applicants.

3. Singapore Employment Pass (EP)

In December 2020, the minimum qualifying salary for EPs in the Financial Services sector will be $5,000 for new applicants.

While the MOM doesn’t apply the considerations of FWL and DRC for EP applicants, it, however, does give preference to applicants from tier 1 regions.

The MOM issues this normally for three years, and assesses an EP application based on the nature of PME roles. This will accommodate applicant on monthly salary of at least S$4,500 for young inexperienced applicants and more for experienced applicants.

The applicant must also be complimenting the local workforce with his or her skills, and will be with a salary match of such skills.

4. Getting a Singapore Dependant Pass (SDP)

The two options here are – a Dependant Pass (DP), or a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP), both of whose validity is in connection to the EP holder’s visa validity.

Therefore, DP holders who wish to work in Singapore must obtain either an Employment Pass, S Pass, or Work Permit.

This requirement will not affect LTVP holders and they can work in Singapore by applying for a Letter of Consent (LOC).

5. Getting a Singapore Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)

This special category called the Personalised Employment Pass (PEP), is issued to top-tier professionals and is not tied to any employer.

PEP holders have the opportunity to pursue any employment and are not hold to re-apply to MOM when they change jobs. However there is a salary rate for PEP by the ministry:

  • last drawn (within six months) fixed monthly overseas salary must be at least S$18,000
  • Singapore’s EP holders with a monthly salary of S$12,000 or above can also apply for a PEP

6. Getting an EntrePass in Singapore (EP)

EntrePass is a Singapore business visa which is giving to foreign entrepreneur willing to incorporate and run a private limited company.

The MOM, along with SPRING Singapore are jointly responsible for this pass, and is normally giving to entrepreneurs looking to create innovative technologies and applications.

  • possessing an IP registered with an approved national IP institution.
  • continuous and ongoing research collaboration with any of Singapore institutes of higher learning.
  • the company must be based in a Singapore Government-supported incubator
  • funding from a Singapore government agency accredited business angel, or a recognised third-party VC, of at least S$100,000.
  • the EntrePass applicant must own at least 30% of the company.
  • company’s pay-up capital must be at least S$50,000 (a Singapore bank statement should be available).

Also, the EntrePass applicant must also submit a 10-page draft business plan, which includes:

  • how will the company spend at least S$100,000 in the first 12 months locally
  • how will the company hire at least two Singaporean residents in the first 12 months

6. Getting a Singapore Work Holiday Pass (WHP)

The Work Holiday Pass is a programme design for eligible students and young graduates who want to work or holiday, or take up internships, in Singapore.

This is giving to students from Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, United States, and the United Kingdom.

There is no minimum requirement of salary, and the Work Holiday Pass holders are not under restriction to any sector or type of work.

Rules for Work Holiday Pass include:

  • Age between 18 and 25 years
  • Undergraduate applicants must full-time resident students of any of the eligible universities (world’s top 200) for at least 3 months before making the application.
  • Graduates must have been former full-time resident students of any of the eligible universities (world’s top 200) in the last five years.

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