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Canadian Internship Programs: Top Internship Jobs in Canada for International Students


Yes, today many students both far and wide have resort to taking up studies that favor them as a student and also as a worker (job), this is actually good because you get to work while you study, get good working experience, cover up most expenses or tuition fees before the end of your study program, however, this article will throw more light on the Canadian internship programs for all international students across the globe. Therefore, if you are a student seeking all the qualities that can make you a scholar and also a worker then you should consider reading more till the end to grab more info.

Internship in Canada

Are you about to do an internship in Canada? More to come internationally, especially to gain new skills and work experience in a variety of industries like architecture, engineering, hospitality, IT, and marketing.

Canada is a vast country filled with opportunities for interns looking to bring up their resumes and compete in a global job market.

However, what you must know is that Canada is officially a bilingual nation, with French and English as its two languages.

You can as well get other language throughout Canada which includes Cantonese, Italian, German, Punjabi, and Spanish. This variety in languages serves to prove that Canada truly is a cultural mosaic.

(Overview) Taking up an internship in Canada

As we all know, Canada is one of the world’s largest economies and trading nations, it is viewed as a popular location for interns choosing to study abroad.

You may be treated quite well during an internship in Canada, you might also have the chance to explore endless miles of natural beauty and landscapes.

An internship in Canada for international students may combine the opportunities for professional development in a favorable work environment & experience.

Furthermore, Canadian economy ranks 10th largest in the world. Canada is the location of some of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery, including national parks such as Jasper, Banff, Waterton, and Pacific Rim.

In addition to that Canada’s national parks are full of wondrous glaciers, majestic scenery, and plenty of amazing people.

Canada recognizes French and English as its two principal languages, also having other diverse languages in the country. This makes the country (Canada) truly a social potpourri.

Finally, it is a vast country packed with potential opportunities for interns searching for experiences to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Why students choose a Career in Canada (Canadian Internship Programs)

Yes, studying in Canada is the main deal, however for those seeking a career internship and there is no better city than Toronto.

Internship in Canada program offers professional development and of course Toronto internships span all career fields with a range of leading companies and organizations.

Also, internship in Canada program offers successful applicants the chance to gain new skills and invaluable professional experience.

Takes students to the important cities in Canada, while making important global connections and boosting their resume.

The internship opportunities are limitless in Canada’s most populous city and the internship program will make you stand out in competitive job markets around the world.

Finally, successful candidates will develop professionally and personally, learning from industry professionals in leading internships.

Key points to know before making a travel down to Canada

Cost of Living in Canada

The living costs in Canada will vary depending on where you decide to live. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost about CAD $1,300 per month and a one bedroom apartment in the suburbs will be about CAD $1,070. Because Canada is such a large country, costs can vary across the nation in provinces and cities.

Language (Canadian Internship Programs)

Just know that English is most commonly used in business, however, if you are working in Québec you will probably need to have an understanding of French. You may or may not be required to take language classes if you are using a placement program.

Work and Labor Laws in Canada

There are paid and unpaid internships in Canada and the law is very vague on the difference between “work” and “internships.” Internship laws are based on the province you will be working in.


Eligible Countries for the Canada Internship Program

Eligible Countries in the International Experience Canada Program
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
Korea, Rep.
New Zealand
San Marino
United Kingdom

Locations or places to Look for an Internship in Canada

Canada is an enormous nation and as an intern there you’ll get a very different experience depending on which city and province you choose for your internship.Some of the top fields to find placements include business, media, technology, and theatre or performing arts.

Many Canadian internships are located in Toronto in Ontario, Vancouver in British Columbia or Montreal in Quebec. Toronto was voted one of the best places to live in the world, it is also an industrial city with internship opportunities in just about every industry.

However, if you are looking for french ares, then consider Montreal, it is ideal for French-speakers who want to challenge themselves by conducting an internship in a foreign language without going to Europe or Africa.

Ottawa, the capital, will also have a wide variety of internships for students. You can gain work experience as an intern in tourism and hospitality, entertainment, and software & technology fields.

Interns in Canada will be able to find positions throughout the year because there are plenty of programs that will help find a suitable internship for all.

Eligibility Criteria for the Internship (Canadian Internship Programs)

    • You must demonstrate a permanent foreign address outside of Canada
    • Ages 18-35
    • Your nationality must be listed on one of the three lists below
    • You must be a citizen with a valid passport for the length of your internship program
    • Candidate must demonstrate a clear criminal record by obtaining an official background check
    • You must purchase medical insurance coverage in Canada for at least the duration of your stay
    • You must be able to demonstrate supporting funds equal to or exceeding CA$2,500

How to Apply for an Internship Working Holiday Visa

Below are the simple good steps that can help you secure an internship in Canada…

1. Check to know if You Qualify

This is the first step is to make sure that you qualify for the program and with correct visa as well since you are looking to do an internship.

Below are the general requirements to qualify for the International Experience Canada (IEC) Program.

  • Biometrics;
  • A valid passport;
  • To be between the ages of 18 and 35 (may vary depending on the country of citizenship)
  • A minimum of CAN$2,500 to help cover your expenses in Canada;
  • A copy of your curriculum vitae or résumé;
  • Health insurance for the duration of your stay (you may need to present evidence at the Canadian border);
  • To be admissible to Canada; and
  • Have, before departure, a round-trip ticket or demonstrate that you’ll have the financial resources to purchase a departure ticket at the end of your authorized stay in Canada.

To qualify for the International Co-op (Internship Program), check below

  • Be a registered student at a post-secondary institution;
  • Have a Canadian job offer for a work placement or internship;
  • Require this work placement or internship to finish your studies; and
  • Work for the same employer in the same location for the duration of your stay in Canada.

However, You will be asked to answer a few questions below:

  • where you are a citizen?
  • Are you currently a student or plan to study in Canada (if applicable); ?
  • where do you live permanently?
  • where do you live now?
  • Do you have a Canadian job offer?

2. Create an IEC Profile (Canadian Internship Programs)

The next step is to create an online profile so that you can complete and submit all your forms and be entered into the draw pool. However, Please note that you will need your passport to complete the profile.

3. Submit Your Application

The next step is to submit your IEC work permit application and pay your fees. You can check your status via your online profile and if you are successful you’ll get an invitation to apply for your work permit through this account.

4. Accept Your Application

If you get your invitation you’ll have to accept it within 10 days and apply for your IEC work permit within 20 days of accepting your invitation. Be sure to make a note of these deadlines because if you miss them you’ll have to start the process from the beginning.

5. Apply For Your Work Permit

As an international co-op or internship applicant you will need to apply for an employer-specific work permit. This means that you will only be able to work for a specific employer for the allocated time period.


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