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Fully Funded Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Program 2022 in South Korea


Another amazing scholarship on offer to international students seeking to pursue their academic studies abroad. This is a great opportunity for you if you’ve been dreaming of studying in South Korea on a fully-funded scholarship. Applications for the Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Program are currently open to international students who wish to pursue their academic (undergraduate and graduate) studies in Korea.

Global Korean Scholarship

Moreover, the Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Program is a fully-funded annual international scholarship program available for students of all academic levels pursuing academic opportunities in the Republic of Korea. However, in this article, we will provide information in detail about the Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Program, its eligibility requirements, scholarship benefits, how to apply, and any other important information pertaining to this scholarship program.

About The Global Korean Scholarship Program

The Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Program is sponsored and managed by the National Institute for International Education Development (NIIED), a branch of the Ministry of Education in South Korea. NIIED is a government organization aimed to nurture and foster the human resources of Korea in the age of globalization.

However, the Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Program is an internationally-recognized Korean government scholarship program aimed to promote international exchanges in education and to strengthen international cooperation. There are seven programs under the name of GKS (five for international students and two for Korean students) including full scholarship programs and study tour programs.

Moreover, the main purpose of this scholarship program is to provide international students with opportunities to conduct advanced studies in undergraduate & graduate programs at higher educational institutions in the Republic of Korea in order to promote international exchanges in education and mutual friendship between countries.

Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Program

Furthermore, Korea has around 250 national, public and private universities that accept both local and international students. The current government improvements have made it easily affordable for international students to live and work in Korea while attending programs at higher education institutions.

However, a recent comparison to the European countries shows that South Korea offers well-prepared scholarships, cheap living expenses, and accommodation costs. Moreover, all international students build cross-cultural understanding, explore international laboratories, and experience different cities of South Korea.

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Scholarship Summary

Moreover, here’s an overview of the Global Korean Scholarship Program

Scholarship Sponsor(s):

National Institute for International Education Development (NIIED)

Host Institution(s):

Korean Universities

Scholarship Type:

Full funding scholarships

Scholarship/ Study Level:

Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) and graduate (Masters or Ph.D.) degrees

Field(s) of Study:

Any eligible undergraduate or graduate degree courses offered at the Korean University

Scholarship Value/ Worth:

See the scholarship benefits section below for details

Number of Awards:

Not specified

Eligible Nationalities:

This scholarship program is open to citizens of all nationalities

Scholarship Duration:

  • Doctoral Degree Program: 4 years
    •  1 year of the Korean language program
    • 3 years of the regular degree program
  • Master’s Degree Program: 3 years
    • 1 year of the Korean language program
    • 2 years of a degree program
  • Research Program: 6 Months

Scholarship Benefits/ Inclusions

Furthermore, the Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Program provides the recipients with the following inclusions.

This is a fully-funded scholarship, therefore, the scholarship program provides coverage for the following expenses.

  • Airfare
  • Resettlement allowance of KRW 200,000
  • Living allowance of 900,000 KRW to 1,000,000 KRW
  • Medical insurance KRW 20,000 per month
  • Language courses of KRW 800,000 per quarter
  • Tuition fees (No more than 5 million KRW per semester)
  • Award for excellent Korean language proficiency of KRW 100,000
  • Research support KRW 210,000 to 240,000 (per semester)
  • Printing costs(dissertation) KRW 500,000 to 800,000
  • Completion grant KRW 100,000 (which you will only receive once)

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Eligibility Requirements for The Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Program

However, you will have to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the scholarship program.

  • Both an applicant and his/her parents must be citizens of their country of origin
  • Citizens and permanent residents are not eligible to apply for the scholarship
  • Applicants should have adequate health, both mentally and physically, to stay in a foreign country for a long time.
  • Candidates should be under 25 years of age at the date of the entrance (for undergraduates)
  • Candidates should be under 40 years of age at the date of the entrance (for graduates)
  • Applicants must have finished or be scheduled to finish formal education of all elementary, middle, high school courses by the date of arrival (for undergraduates)
  • Moreover, applicants must also have a grade point average (G.P.A.) above 80% from the last educational institution attended
  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree by the date of arrival (Graduates)
  • Furthermore, note that applicants who have previously achieved in any undergraduate program, master’s program, or doctoral program in Korea cannot apply for this program. However, a former or current KGSP scholar who holds the overall grade of 90% or above and has attained TOPIK level 5 or higher can reapply to this program once either through the embassy or university track.

How to Apply for The Global Korean Scholarship Program

Moreover, follow the step-by-step guidelines below to apply for the Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Program.

Firstly, you will need to enroll in undergraduate or graduate degree courses. Follow the steps below to apply for university:

  • Select the course of your preference
  • Select a Korean University and Major study
  • Fill in an admission application provided by the university
  • Upload additional documents
  • Then you verify your application

Furthermore, for the Global Korean Government Scholarship application process. You will need to apply for the scholarship through the Korean embassy in your country or directly to the domestic university in Korea. Then, you complete and submit the application form with the necessary supporting documents and requirements.

However, the following are some of the required supporting documents for the application for the Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) program.

  • Application form
  • Personal statement
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Academic transcripts
  • Personal medical assessment
  • Valid passport
  • English proficiency test scores
  • Study plan or research proposal and more.

Click here for more details on the application instructions for the GKS program

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Additional Notes

Moreover, in addition to the application instructions, note that when applying directly to the Korean University. You will need to submit all the documents to the domestic university. Also, you can apply only to one university when applying through a Korean embassy University. Whereas, you can apply to 3 universities when applying through a Korean embassy in your country.

Furthermore, it is important you review the eligibility requirements, application instructions, and deadline before applying for the scholarship. By visiting the official website of all the eligible universities listed in the GKS program.

Official Website

In conclusion, please refer to the official website of the scholarship provider using the link below for more details on the requirements and application instructions for the Global Korean Scholarship program. As information may change or get an update at any moment without notice.

Official Website


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