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Highest Paying Skilled Worker Jobs in Canada

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Canada has become one of the favorite destinations for immigrants in the past recent years. Canada is a country with a population of more than 36 million people. There are highest paying Skilled worker jobs in Canada that are quite lucrative.

Skilled Worker Jobs in Canada

The Canadian government has committed to ensuring that everyone, including foreigners, has access to good jobs and opportunities. With any of the occupations on the list below, you could live and work in Canada and earn a high salary.

Moreover, there are many reasons why individuals may consider moving to Canada. Immigrants are attracted by Canada’s high standard of living, medical benefits, safety and security, stunning geographical locations, etc. But the most important one is that there’s a lot of work and great employment opportunities.

There are several skilled worker jobs that are in demand in Canada. The availability of skilled worker jobs with good salaries is a key reason Skilled Workers immigrate to Canada through the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP). However, in this article, we will be listing the top highest paying skilled worker jobs in Canada.

What is Skilled Worker Jobs in Canada?

Skilled Workers in Canada cover several sectors such as Technology & IT, Engineering & Architecture, News & Publishing, Healthcare, Commercial Banking & Finance, Marketing & Sales, Energy, etc. Moreover, being a Canadian skilled worker or a federal skilled worker is highly beneficial. You can move permanently to Canada and become a permanent resident. After a few years, you can also apply for Canadian citizenship.

Many people want to immigrate to Canada because of these benefits, in addition to the fact that Canada also needs skilled workers. However, there are over 1 million jobs available for you to choose from. You use the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).

The Federal Skilled Worker Visa is designed for individuals who have the qualifications, skills, or work experiences to contribute to the Canadian economy. Furthermore, as part of the Express Entry system, you will be able to live as a permanent resident in Canada if your profile is selected from the pool of candidates.

Therefore, pursuing immigration through the FSWP is beneficial since you can gain permanent residence within six months, compared with longer processing times for Canada’s other skilled worker programs.

Highest Paying Skilled Worker Jobs in Canada

Furthermore, you will be able to find work in any field or industry from health care and education to construction and manufacturing industries. If you’re looking for work in an industry where the demand exceeds the supply of workers—like healthcare professionals or teachers—you may even qualify for permanent residency.

However, while Canada pays its workers higher salaries compared to many countries around the world, there are certain jobs where you can earn a higher wage. Here’s the list of the highest paying skilled worker jobs in Canada.

Technology Related-Fields

Many Canadian companies are trying to recruit new employees in the IT sector to sustain the growing economy. That’s the reason there’s so much work in Canada for immigrants. However, despite the pandemic hitting not only Canada’s but also the world’s economy hard, technology-related job growth has been faster than in other industries.

Furthermore, an IT career in Canada offers a wide range of work and competitive salaries, as well as many job opportunities.

Cyber Security Analyst

  • NOC: 2281
  • Annual Salary: $108,474

IT Support and Network Administrators

  • NOC: 2172
  • Annual Salary: $91,271

Web Developer

  • NOC: 2175
  • Annual Salary: $85,000

Health Services

This is another industry that is in high demand for foreign workers. Health services are the backbone of Canada’s high standard of living. Particularly during COVID-19, health care workers were vital to the survival of the country’s people and its economy. This is why health care workers get paid so well, as they carry much responsibility, and are required to study for a long time. Careers in the health services industry are as follows as well as their annual salary:



  • NOC: 3114
  • Annual Salary: $98,964

Registered Nurse:

  • NOC: 3012
  • Annual Salary: $81,729


  • NOC: 3131
  • Annual Salary: $106,558

Client Services

Careers in this industry vary from Human Resources Management to Administrative Assistants. However, it ultimately concentrates on providing satisfaction to individuals needing assistance, companies wanting to facilitate their projects, and teams needing to strategize. Moreover, high-paying jobs in the Client Service sector require a university degree and years of experience. You will be able to live and work in Canada and also enjoy what the country has to offer with these salaries. The careers in this sector are as follows along with their annual salary ranges:

Human Resources Managers

  • NOC: 0112
  • Annual Salary: $153,984

Financial Advisors

  • NOC: 1114
  • Annual Salary: $108,137


  • NOC: 1111
  • Annual Salary: $82,667


This broad category covers many forms of engineering. If you are able to competently design and build a model or system. Whether you’re working on software and code or aircraft machinery, you can call yourself an engineer. However, ensuring that the design and layout of important parts are correct is a big responsibility, therefore the job comes with a big wage. Careers in the engineering sector include:

Software Engineer

  • NOC: 2073
  • Annual Salary: $135,000

Electrical Engineer

  • NOC: 2133
  • Annual Salary: $87,966


Many Canadian employers find themselves facing labor shortages, meaning jobs in the trades can provide a very good living for highly-skilled workers willing to avail themselves of these opportunities.

Furthermore, according to Statistics Canada, followed the career progress of apprentices in the skilled trades to see how much they earned on average when they received their certifications. However, they also checked in on their earnings after four years on the job to create a robust portrait of the income potential of these professionals.

Four years after certification, apprentices in two trades were making over $100,000, and several others were earning fairly close to that amount. However, while most of the jobs in the list above require a university degree, and years of experience, there are some high-paying skilled jobs that you’ll get through a trade school or even years of experience. Having some sort of qualification to drive or build certain equipment can favor you and your pockets. Here’s a full list of them:


  • NOC: 7251
  • Annual Salary: $75,542

Truck Driver

  • NOC: 7511
  • Annual Salary: $62,647


  • NOC: 7237
  • Annual Salary: $56,550

Final Thoughts on Highest Paying Skilled Worker Jobs in Canada

In conclusion, there are various ways to live and work in Canada. You can either work temporarily or permanently as a foreigner and apply for a visa accordingly. Moreover, there are multiple ways you can seek employment in Canada. There are many jobs available in Canada for skilled workers. You can find sponsorship jobs in Canada for immigrants.

Moreover, as a skilled worker, you can apply for permanent residency using the Federal Skilled Worker Program under the Express Entry. Some of the best ways are doing a web search and looking for companies that hire foreign skilled labor.

However, looking at Job Bank, which is affiliated with the government, is another good option. Of course, you can reach out to recruiters, or look on job search sites like Indeed.

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