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Farmworker Recruitment Agencies in Canada 2022

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Farmworkers are one of the most popular jobs in Canada and they recruit foreigners who would be willing to work on the farm. The Canadian agricultural sector is a very huge sector. So if you wish to work in the Canadian agricultural sector, then it will be easier for you to achieve your dreams with the help of some of the best Farmworker recruitment agencies in Canada.

Farmworker Recruitment Agencies in Canada

There has been a continuous decline in the agricultural sector in several countries or regions with no exception to Canada. This is due to the increase in industrialization and the shift towards pursuing city jobs. However, the agricultural sector in Canada has been suffering from a shortage of manpower, as the decline has been in the manpower section.

Meanwhile, many people are being technologically inclined and looking away from the agricultural sector that produces what is later being processed into what they eat. A farmworker is amongst the most available or popular jobs in Canada. Many immigrants are willing to be employed on Farms across Canada. Canada recruits foreigners who want to have a better life and have the expertise and are willing to work on a farm.

There are farmworkers recruitment agencies that specialize in helping people get jobs on the Farm. To recruit for their farms, farm owners go through certain agencies to employ foreigners. These farmworker recruitment agencies are mostly local recruitment agencies, but, there are international recruitment agencies as well.

Farm Worker Recruitment Agencies in Canada – Overview

Recruitment agencies are foreign-based companies that help companies and employers to fill vacant job positions with foreign talents from other countries. They act as the middleman for an employee and an employer. Canadian agencies recruiting foreign workers usually work on behalf of employers to find suitable candidates to fill their vacancies. They search and hire qualified foreign workers who are capable of creating more value for their employers.

Recruitment agencies are the easiest ways by which one can get a farm work job in Canada. Moreover, some employees also offer free visa sponsorship and farmworker recruitment agencies can help find such employers.

Furthermore, job searching processes such as identifying suitable vacancies, sending off applications, and also preparing for interviews can be a very lengthy process. Moreover, it becomes more difficult if you are receiving rejections for the roles for which you have applied. But with the help of recruitment agencies, you can worry less about these while searching for jobs.

However, continue reading to learn more about farmworker recruitment agencies in Canada. In this article, we will be listing some of the best farmworker recruitment agencies in Canada, and detailed information on each recruitment agency.

Best Farmworker Recruitment Agencies in Canada

Moreover, here are some of the best recruitment agencies in Canada that hire foreign farm workers.

Global Farm and Ranch Recruitment

Global Farm & Ranch Recruitment has been assisting agricultural businesses in filling their labor needs since 1997. As provincially licensed international recruiters and immigration consultants, they provide recruitment services to source and pre-screen experienced agricultural workers, and immigration services to hire foreign workers, and obtain permanent residence in Canada.

GreenTech Resources

GreenTech Resources is a leading farmworker recruitment agency based in Saskatchewan. They’re renowned as one of the most established foreign worker recruitment agency and immigration consultants based in Canada that assist individuals to have a smooth and hassle-free immigration process. They help clients who have decided to take the plunge and relocate to the land of opportunities, by offering services related to the scope of employment and education.

Moreover, GreenTech Resources also offers visa consultancy services pertaining to Canada in the best way to make immigrants feel at home. They assist a wide range of clientele from all over the world and work to build their strengths and confidence that would, in turn, help them to flourish in the country.


Canadian Recruitment

Canadian Recruitment specializes in the placement of skilled trades in commercial, residential, and industries and works closely with small-medium and large construction companies across Canada. Moreover, Canadian Recruitment makes the extra effort to support job seekers in landing that next great job.

Canada Farm Jobs

Canada Farm Jobs is a foreign recruitment and immigration boutique firm operated by Victoria Gyshchak Immigration Consulting, based in Saskatoon, Canada providing farm labor solutions exclusively tailored to farmers and those allied to the industry since 2011.

Over the years Canada Farm Jobs has developed an extensive network of applicants with farming experience from Ukraine, South Africa, Brazil, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, and Mexico, which they have successfully been placing with farming employers in Canada.


Agrirecruiting specializes in recruitment, focusing on the largest sector in this country, the Agribusiness sector.

They are actively involved in the Agribusiness sector and provide a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area. Agrirecruiting recognizes that clients are unique and have individual needs – that’s why they focus on tailoring their services to suit you. Moreover, Agrirecruiting’s focus is on matching employers and applicants to achieve a win-win situation, where the needs of both parties are being met.

Grassland Group

Grasslands Group search and recruit the top talent in Canadian Agriculture to help you and your company succeed. Focusing on true job fit, you can feel confident in your next hire!

Grasslands Recruitment Specialists is one of the only search firms in Canada. With a national focus solely within the niche of agribusiness/agri-food. With a valuable blend of functional, industry, and recruiting experience, our team of headhunters delivers exceptional talent acquisition solutions.

Grasslands Recruitment Specialists has 8 practice areas:

  • (AH) Animal / Livestock Health / Nutrition
  • (AS) Agronomy / Seed
  • (EM) Equipment & Manufacturing
  • (FB) Agribusiness Finance / Business
  • (GF) Grain / Food Processing
  • (LF) Livestock / Farm

While we do periodically offer some contingent work. We specialize in a hybrid search model combining contingent and retained – which we’ve dubbed as ‘container’. Clients are assured of a dedicated search partner. Applicants can rest assured that all positions advertised are supported by a signed contract with the client; guaranteeing you the legitimacy of the vacancy.

Workvantage International Workforce Solutions

Workvantage International Workforce Solutions Inc. has more than 15 years of experience helping Canadian employers address their labor shortages with qualified foreign workers. They are licensed in every province in Canada to recruit workers for different labor needs.

Moreover, they also offer hassle-free, fair-priced services and accompany clients throughout the whole process. Workvantage enables clients to focus more on their business rather than their staffing problems. Workvantage International has a wealth of experience sourcing the right foreign workers for Canadian companies struggling with labor shortages and a high employee turnover rate.

However, WorkVantage serves employers in any Canadian province or territory to be able to recruit workers from different countries. Additionally, WorkVantage has a worldwide connection of agencies, which allows them to directly hire foreign workers. So you are guaranteed to get employment through WorkVantage’s influence regardless of where you are residing.

Furthermore, they help Canadian employers in looking for the best fit for their labor needs. WorkVantage is well-versed in getting qualified foreign workers for Canadian employers. They also assist Canadian employers in sorting the paperwork for LMIA.

Final Thoughts

Using recruitment agencies is totally worth it. Farmworker recruitment agencies are the best bet for getting employment in Canada. You can save a lot of stress that would have been used up while seeking employment yourself. They help both the employers and the job seekers in achieving their goals with minimal or no stress.

In conclusion, if you have been dreaming of traveling to Canada for work. Then ensure that you contact one of the best international recruitment agencies in Canada.

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