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Top Highest Paying Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada in 2022

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Highest Paying Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada: Have you heard that Canada hopes to welcome 431,645 immigrants to the beautiful country in 2022? Due to low birth and early retirement rates, Canada’s workforce diminishes every year. Therefore, by inviting people from all over the world who can contribute to Canada’s economic growth to live and work in the country. Canada’s economy can continue to grow and remain the powerhouse that it is.

Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada

Moreover, Canada has undoubtedly become one of the favorite destinations for immigrants in the recent past. The benefits of Canadian immigration policies are one of the key drivers to people choosing Canada as their preferred immigration destination. In addition, immigrants are attracted by Canada’s high standard of living, medical benefits, safety and security, stunning geographical locations, and great employment opportunities.

Mostly, because of Canada’s strong economy, the country can afford to pay its tradespeople high earnings as inducements to o keep trade industries running. There are several Skilled Trade jobs that are in high demand in Canada. Nonetheless, the availability of Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada with good salaries is a key reason Skilled Trade workers immigrate to Canada through the Federal Skilled Trades Program, FSTP.

Meanwhile, there are over 300 Skilled Trades available to work across the country. Therefore, there’s a good possibility you’ll be able to find a high-paying job that will last a long time. There are specialized trades that pay more than others.

However, we’ve compiled a list of the top highest-paying Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada in 2022. So read on and find out if your job is on this list and start planning your move to a country that appreciates your hard work and skills.

What are Skilled Trades in Canada?

A skilled trade is a career path that requires hands-on work and specialist knowledge. Skilled trades are found in every career cluster. The skilled trades represent a large number of professions. They build and maintain infrastructures like our homes, schools, hospitals, roads, farms, and parks. They keep industries running and perform many services we rely on every day, like hair styling, food preparation, and social services.

However, Skilled Trades in Canada cover several sectors such as agriculture, construction, transportation, manufacturing, etc. Besides, you can find Skilled Trade jobs under National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Level B. In addition, there are hundreds of Skilled Trade jobs available to foreign nationals in Canada. You can use also the Express Entry Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) to immigrate to Canada if you qualify.

Examples of Skilled Trade jobs in Canada include Hairstylists, precision metal fabricators, Chefs, Millwrights, Plumbers, Painters, Bricklayers, Electricians, Welders, Industrial Mechanics, Millwrights, transport and Truck Mechanics, etc. Moreover, you are mostly required to have completed an apprenticeship or a diploma program from a college.

Moreover, earning a living working with your hands, solving problems on the fly, and being the only person on-site who can fix things are some of the most rewarding jobs you can have. Now, as more people opt for a career behind a desk, the demand for skilled tradespeople has skyrocketed, as have their salaries and potential for growth.

Top Highest-Paying Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada

However, each of these trades on this list could have different names depending on the province or territory. Here’s the list of the top ten (10) highly paid Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada and their annual salaries.

1. Truck Driver

  • NOC: 7511
  • Estimated Annual Salary: $140, 352

Undoubtedly, Truck Drivers are among the top ten (10) highly paid Skilled Trade jobs in Canada. You need to have a valid Canadian driver’s license before you can take any driving job in Canada. Moreover, there are various subcategories of truck driving in Canada. Long-haul truck driving is the money maker. A long0haul driver frequently travels across North America, often coast to coast or on long journeys.

However, there are many job opportunities open to Truck Drivers in Canada, which includes garbage Truck driver, delivery driver, Truck Drivers supervisor, fuel Truck operator, water Truck operator, etc.

2. Plumbers

  • NOC: 7251
  • Estimated Annual Salary: $101,376

Plumbing is probably the most recognized trade on this list. Plumbers in Canada install, maintain, design, and repair pipes in commercial and residential buildings. They decide on efficient layouts for piping, where drains run, whether the drainage system will need work down the line, and much more. Essentially, if a job deals with water and pipes, a plumber is required to do it.


3. Welder

  • NOC: 7201
  • Estimated Annual Salary: $95,235

Welders earned more than $51,000 after completing their certification. Moreover, welders are among the most sought-after tradespeople, recently being ranked among the top five in-demand jobs in Canada.

Fitting pieces of metal together, understanding blueprints and diagrams, using heavy and often dangerous equipment, and close contact with extremely bright lights are all standard for welders. You could work for companies that make structural steel and plate work, boilers, heavy machinery, aircraft and ships, and other metal products, or you can work for welding contractors and welding shops.

4. Electrician

  • NOC: 7241
  • Estimated Annual Salary: $94,521

There are various ways to work as an electrician in Canada. But the top earners are the industrial electricians. They are responsible for designing layouts, repairing and maintaining, inspecting, and installing electrical systems.

5. Millwright (Industrial Mechanic)

  • NOC: 7311
  • Estimated Annual Salary: $91,584

Millwrights typically assemble and set up the machinery, while industrial mechanics take care of maintenance and repairs on those machines. You could work for a factory or plant and be able to operate, install, replace and repair machinery. Working on machine components such as cooling, hydraulics, fuelling, and lubrication, millwrights essentially keep equipment moving.

6. Brick Layer

  • NOC: 7281
  • Estimated Annual Salary: $76,281

Bricklayers are required to have commercial or industrial experience. The materials you’ll work with are mainly concrete and you’ll be in charge of the forming, pouring, and finishing of the material. Be prepared to lay bricks, stone, or other comparable materials as well as construct and install masonry units that have been prefabricated.

7. Sheet Metal Worker

  • NOC: 7233
  • Estimated Annual Salary: $75,264

Sheet metal workers are responsible for the fabrication, assembly, repair, and installation of anything to do with sheet metal. That includes air conditioning and furnaces, to full-scale sheet metal structures. Installing heat and cooling ducts, and even sheet metal over insulation in homes, are some of the more recognizable jobs performed by these workers.

8. Carpenter

  • NOC:7204
  • Estimated Annual Salary: $74,762

The services of Carpenters are always required at places where construction is going on. Work for big industrial plants or businesses, make renovations, or start from scratch. As a carpenter, you’ll install various components of a building such as windows, doors, stairwells, moldings, and other hardware. Using measurement instruments, you’ll prepare layouts in accordance with construction codes. In order to determine specifications requirements, your abilities should include reading and analyzing blueprints.

9. Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

  • NOC: 7312
  • Estimated Annual Salary: $73,613

Heavy-duty equipment technicians are among the best-paid trades. These technicians work on some of the largest machinery on job sites, ensuring it’s safe for other operators. Wheels, tires, undercarriages of large vehicles, drive-shaft axles, structural elements, and more require their seal of approval before being used. They work in industries such as mining, construction, forestry, transportation, and material handling.

10. Chefs

  • NOC: 6321
  • Estimated Annual Salary: $72,960

Experienced chefs can land jobs in hotels or resorts. As one of the highest trade jobs in Canada, you must be prepared to work under pressure, run staff, and keep deadlines. You might be expected to train and prepare less experienced chefs and interact with guests or even keep administrative records of food costs, consumption, and sales in smaller businesses.

Final Thoughts

Skilled Trades are among the most important jobs in our society, as they help to keep us all moving, safe, housed, and comfortable. Those who undertake these tasks can make competitive wages and find fulfilling careers working with their hands.

In conclusion, although many immigration programs aim to attract university graduates and office job managers which are Skilled Workers. There are just as many that also hope to attract skilled tradespersons. The Federal Skilled Program (FSTP) functions as part of Canada’s famous Express Entry System and is just one of the ways you can immigrate to Canada. Therefore, if your job is on this list, and you meet the other requirements of this visa you can be on your way to moving to Canada.

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