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Everything You Need to Know Before Using the Getcontact Application


Getcontact Application – Top Reviews:  Don’t be a victim of spam calls and scammers anymore. As high technology and artificial intelligence have become global today. Many people could live happily forever without experiencing or getting another one of these calls. Nonetheless, mobile app developers heard the call, and now some offer the ability to see a caller’s info when receiving a call, some offer information about the company the number belongs to, and some offer to block known telemarketers.

GetContact Application

However, the Getcontact app is one of these exciting applications that has recently gained popularity among such solutions with interesting features. The Getcontact app identifies numbers using its users’ own contacts. Moreover, the Getcontact app identifies callers accurately and has a feature that detects spam calls and scammers. In fact, the application identifies such calls immediately and also allows you to block these numbers right away

Overview of the Getcontact App

Getcontact is a great “Spam Blocking” and “Caller Identification” app for you. Getcontact filters disturbing calls and allow only the people you prefer to communicate with you. It is an app that helps you verify caller identity thereby protecting you from spam and unwanted calls.

Moreover, you can identify the calls you receive from numbers that are not registered in your contacts. Getcontact alerts instantly if you get an unwanted call. So that you get real-time protection from robocalls, telemarketers, and scam calls.

GetContact has a very great potential for success. Once you install the application, you will have access to know almost every caller by name and picture. Getcontact pulls up the caller’s personal data and photo from its database. Furthermore, just as we mentioned earlier the applications also let users easily block unwanted and spam calls, and even look up contacts by name or number. That’s not all, you can proceed to the next section for more details and features of the app.

Features of the Getcontact Application

Moreover, the application offers lots more exciting features which are as follows:

1. Security and Protection from Spam (Call Blocking)

The main priority of the app developers is your safety. They analyze thousands of calls to detect potential fraud and spam callers with the aim of keeping you safe by blocking malicious numbers.

Having installed this application, you will get protected from unwanted calls. By blocking unwanted calls and reporting these calls, you can even help to protect millions of other people using the Getcontact app.

How to Protect Yourself from Spam Calls

If you are using an IOS device:

Firstly, you will have to tap the Enable Protection button which you can find on Getcontact’s bottom menu. Then, you can activate spam protection according to the instructions:

  • After the step above, you can choose one of the options by swiping the Spam screen down and tapping Change settings in Spam settings“, the options are :
    • Block all spam calls; and
    • Show warning for spam and fraud calls

Then, if you are using an Android device:

You can activate spam protection in two different ways:

  • Having installed the application, the spam protection feature gets enabled if you grant certain permissions.
  • However, in case you didn’t grant these permissions, you can activate spam protection according to the instructions given in the menu of Enable Protection which you can access from the SPAM tab on the bottom menu.
  • After that, you can choose one of the Block all spam calls and Show warning for spam and fraud calls” options, by swiping the Spam screen down and tapping Change settings in Spam Settings“.

How to Block and Report a Number as Spam

Using the Report” button you see when you search an incoming number. You can then report or block it in pre-defined categories. If you just report the number, it will be shown to you as SPAM later. However, if you both report and block the number, you will not receive calls from this number anymore.

2. Caller Identification


It is your right to know who is calling you. You can instantly discover the identity of an unknown caller on your device using this application. However, Getcontact allows you to automatically learn the identity of the person who called you, even if they are not registered in your contacts.

3. Messenger

The application also features a Getcontact Messenger for a great chat experience. With the newly developed chats features, you will get a chat experience with enhanced privacy.


4. Getcontact Application Shortcuts for iPhone

Getcontact application also offers exciting shortcuts feature to IOS device users. You can activate this feature using these steps:

  • Go to call history on your phone
  • Tap the icon I” to view details of the number you want to find out more about.
  • Select Share Contact” from the details of the number.
  • However, if the Getcontact option is not available on the screen, please tap More” and enable Getcontact.

Now you can identify calls through your call history without even opening the Getcontact application.

5. Trust Score

Trust Score is a special analytical technique developed by Getcontact engineers to fight phone fraud. However, Trust Score is calculated on a scale of 1 to 10.

You can search for their Trust Scores before doing business with someone. Getcontact features an artificial intelligence technology that is powered by the latest user feedback, spam activities, and dozens of different algorithms. Getcontact also calculates a trust score for each phone number using this technology.

However, note that these scores are just estimates and have no binding force. Therefore, we recommend that you don’t rely on the trust score completely.

6. Hashtags

A tag is a piece of information added for a Getcontact user by the other users (nickname, name, etc.). These tags can be managed by the user.

You can add tags for other Getcontact users from the section Add Tag which is to be found on the user profile. You can perform this operation from the menu Add Quick Tag also when you sign up to the app.

Moreover, Getcontact gets its strength from the level of engagement from our user community. Users improve the profile database by the verification of callers and the confirmation of contacts via the “Add Tag” option.

7. Data Security and Privacy

Getcontact maintains the highest levels of technical and operational compliance measures under the benchmark of the GDPR. The program developers have developed a fully dedicated Privacy Management Centre so that users have full control of their profile and privacy preferences where they can easily manage their visibility settings, amend tags and profile appearance, delete or un-list their contact profiles, and much more.

8. Multi-Platform

Moreover, Getcontact is also compatible with your desktop computer as well as your mobile phone. Visit to discover.

Furthermore, there’s also a major feature on the app that other applications with similar solutions such as Truecaller didn’t leverage on and that resonated extremely well with millennials – the ability to see what name people on your contact list used to save your name.

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Bottom Line

GetContact has been officially outlawed in several countries because of its questionable privacy policy, and it’s under close scrutiny for compliance with personal data and other legislation in others. The official aim of GetContact is to block spam messages and identify calls on your phone. However, it can also be viewed as another way to threaten our privacy.

GetContact’s website contains a confidentiality agreement in accordance with which the user gives the app access to any personal and corporate data, including data stored by other apps and on social media, as well as the right to share this data with third parties — in other words, with anyone.

However, the mobile app’s developers insist that they do not sell their data to anyone. But they can also change their minds at any moment. Moreover, there’s also a possibility of hacks and data leaks. Therefore, we recommend reading the user agreement and privacy policy when installing a new app. Furthermore, think twice when giving an app access to data. Ask yourself questions like: Does the app really need access to that kind of information to work? What will happen if the app shares the data publicly? In some cases, you can deny some permissions and the app will work just fine.


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