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Work Permit Visa in Canada: A Complete Guide for obtaining a Work Visa & Permits in Canada


Get a complete guide on different ways you can obtain a work permit visa in Canada as you read through this article; therefore it is a dream opportunity for most foreigners to get a visa to Canada because there are a lot of things to learn and earn working and living there. Working in Canada is an attractive option for many skilled foreign workers from all over the world. Each year, many foreign skilled workers come to work in Canada on Temporary Canadian Work Permits. There is no reason why this cannot be you too, so you can decide to make that decision today to get yourself a visa and travel to one of the amazing countries of the world.

Work Permit Visa in Canada

A Clearer View on Canadian Work Permit?

A Canadian work permit is a free will permission to take a job within Canada if you are from a foreign country. You will need a work permit to work in Canada, however, in very rare cases you can work without a permit or job offer in Canada.

Working in Canada for all International Students

The country (Canada) is a prime destination for many foreign nationals who are seeking employment opportunities in an adventurous country.


Canada boasts a strong and diverse economy with a high standard of workplace safety, competitive wages, and many opportunities.

Furthermore, working in Canada is an excellent first step for those seeking to immigrate to the country permanently for work purposes.

In most cases, Canadian work visas require a labor market verification, known as an (LMO). If an employer wishing to hire a foreign worker obtains a positive LMO they may apply for a Canada work visa.

It is important that the foreign nationals applying for a Canadian work visa have the credentials to perform the job in Canada.

There are certain categories of Canadian work visas that do not require a Labor Market Opinion. These categories are generally based on the transfer of senior employees or individuals who have been preliminarily selected for Canadian permanent residence but have not yet received their visas.

Where Can I get a Canada Work Visa (Work Permit Visa in Canada)

For individuals or citizens of countries that do not require a visitor’s visa to enter Canada (TRV), a Canada work visa can be obtained at the border if they meet up with necessary requirements.

If you are from a country that requires a visitor’s visa then you must apply for your Canada work visa at the visa office for your country.

International workers Free to cross the border into Canada by land or air

Note: Anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter Canada by air.

  • IEC participants: who have already activated their work permits and were outside the country temporarily do not require a valid job offer in order to re-enter
  • If you’re traveling by air, you need to follow all airline requirements and pass a health check conducted by airlines before you’re allowed to board your flight.
  • Temporary workers: who hold a valid work permit or who are approved for a work permit but have not yet been issued the work permit.
  • IEC participants: who have not yet activated their work permits must have a valid job offer in order to enter the country.
  • When you arrive in Canada, they will assess your health before you leave the port of entry. You must have a plan to quarantine for 14 days when you arrive in Canada. This is mandatory, even if you have no symptoms.
  • Only people who provide essential services, for example, truck drivers who regularly cross the border to maintain the flow of goods, are exempted from the quarantine requirements.

Is it possible for a Work Visa into Permanent Resident

Firstly if you are currently working in Canada and you have applied for permanent residence, you may be eligible for an open work permit. This is of course if your work permit will expire in four months or less.

To qualify, you can apply for any of the options below:

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program,
  • Provincial Nominee Program,
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • Canadian Experience Class,
  • Taking care of Children Class, or
  • Caring for People with High Medical Needs Class.

Also bear in mind for this:

  • currently, be in Canada,
  • have valid status on a work permit that is due to expire within four months,
  • select “Open Work Permit” as the type of work permit when you complete your work permit application, and
  • pay the work permit processing fee and the Open Work Permit Holder fee.

Duration to receive My Work Visa (Work Permit Visa in Canada)

Work Permit processing time completely depends on the completion of your application and the office you applied at.

Most times, it can take between 1-27 weeks to process a Canadian Work Permit.

Various types of work permits

There are two types of work permits given by Canadian authorities- open work permit and an employer-specific work permit.

Openwork permit allows you to work for any employer and the visa is not job-specific, so applicants do not require the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Also, applicants do not require an offer letter from an employer who has paid the compliance fee. With an open work permit, you can work for any employer in Canada except for those companies that do not comply with labor requirements.

An employer-specific work permit as the name suggests is a permit that allows you to work for a specific employer. The employer-specific work permit pertains to a single employer.

Requirements to Obtain a Work Visa in Canada

Remember:  Three skilled worker immigration programs under the permanent work permit category include federal skilled workers, federal skilled trades, and Canadian experience classes.

requirements include all the following:

  • Passport or travel document
  • Education credential assessment report
  • Language test results
  • Written job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Provincial nomination (if the employee has one)
  • Police certificate
  • Medical exam
  • Proof of funds

General Eligibility Requirements (Work Permit Visa in Canad)

This is for everyone who wants a Canadian visa, therefore no matter where you apply, you must:

  • Obey the law and have no record of criminal activity (we may ask you to give us a police clearance certificate),
  • Not be a danger to Canada’s security.
  • Be in good health and have a medical exam, if needed.
  • Prove to an officer that you will leave Canada when your work permit expires.
  • Show that you have enough money to take care of yourself and your family members during your stay in Canada and to return home.
  • Not plan to work for an employer listed with the status “ineligible” on the list of employers who failed to comply with the conditions,
  • Not plan to work for an employer who, on a regular basis, offers striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages, and
  • Give the officer any other documents they ask for to prove you can enter the country.

Canadian Work Permit Application Process

The basic steps to applying for a Temporary Canadian work permit include:

  • Applying for labor market opinion: Before applying for a temporary work visa, employers need to qualify for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), formerly known as an LMO. You must complete this step for the employee.
  • Obtaining a temporary job offer: Employers have to send a copy of the positive LMIA to the candidate with a detailed job offer letter. The letter is a formal employment contract that includes important information such as job title, description, salary, and more.
  • Applying for a work permit: Candidates can apply for a Canadian temporary work permit after obtaining the job offer letter and positive LMIA. This may include meeting with a visa officer who will determine if the employment adversely affects jobs for Canadians. If the person qualifies for the position, they will get a Canadian work permit.
  • Obtaining a work permit: After working in Canada under a temporary work permit, individuals may be eligible for permanent residence based on their job classification and language proficiency.

How to Apply for a Work Permit (Work Permit Visa in Canada)

If after passing through the stages above on the Canadian visa then it is time to know how to apply for the work permit.
The steps for applying for a work permit for Canada are below:
  • Confirm your eligibility for the Canadian work permit.
  • Complete the documents and forms required for a work permit application.
  • Submit the Canadian work permit application, according to IRCC guidelines.
  • Wait for processing and respond to additional requests for information, if any.
  • Finally, send your passport for stamping.

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