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Work Permit Visa in New Zealand for all international students: New Zealand Work Visa Application & Requirements


To study and work in New Zealand is one of the best destinations of the world that international students will always love to visit and bag up good academic certificates for their future job opportunities, therefore a work permit visa in New Zealand is one of the best you can get out there as a scholar, however, you must follow up the instructions and necessary visa requirements to secure this.

Work Permit in New Zealand

NOTE: If you are looking for job opportunities in foreign countries, it is essential that you are familiar with the immigration policies and processes on time.

All countries have their own set of requirements in terms of essential skills, legal documents as well as age bars so you must know that New Zealand has theirs too.

New Zealand as a country is emerging as a preferred destination for study abroad as well as for employment, this will accommodate everyone.

People from around the world are exploring study and work opportunities in the country. However, you will learn a lot here on New Zealand Work Visa.

This will help you to know the pone that suits your profession and also for what purpose it will help out when you start applying for them.

Can I work while I study in New Zealand?

Yes, this is possible, if you are in New Zealand on a student visa you may be allowed to work part-time but there are rules you need to know.

New Zealand employment laws help ensure fair workplaces that will favor you as you work and study.

Can I stay in New Zealand after I graduate?

This question is critical, for you to do this, You will need a visa to stay in New Zealand after your studies are completed.

New Zealand offers a graduate work line, to enable graduates to gain work experience in a field directly related to their degree.

Depending on your area of study, you may have the opportunity to stay and work in New Zealand for up to four years.

Can you work in New Zealand with a student visa?

International full-time students with a student visa are legally allowed to work in New Zealand for up to 20 hours per week.

Yes, they can also work full-time during all scheduled holiday periods such as Christmas, Easter, and then summer holidays.

Masters by research and Ph.D. students can work as many hours as they wish.

Is New Zealand Open for a work visa?

Yes, If you are given a visa, you can work for any employer and undertake any job in New Zealand. Post-study work visas are available to people who have completed appropriate qualifications.

Tuition fees in New Zealand

This should be considered as well especially for international students. If you are in New Zealand or already hold a student visa, you need to provide evidence that you have either paid the tuition fees or that you are not to pay tuition fees.

If you are outside New Zealand applying for your first student visa, you must show you have sufficient funds to pay the tuition fees.

You can also provide evidence that the tuition fees will be paid by:

  • Foreign government scholarship, or
  • A study abroad or non-award scheme, or
  • Foreign government loan, or
  • A New Zealand Aid Programme scholarship.

New Zealand Work Visa Cost 

There are two sorts of fees or costs that are in line with work visas: a visa fee and an immigration levy. However, some nations charge greater costs than others.

Therefore, always double-check your individual needs. However, this visa may be “pay” for online using a credit card like; Visa or MasterCard.

below are some New Zealand visa types and fees…

New Zealand Work Visa Type  Fee in NZD Fee in INR 
Partnership/Work to Residence Work Visa 580 29,945
Entrepreneur Work Visa 3310 1,70,894
Working Holiday Visa 190 9,809
Working Holidaymaker Extension Visa 190 9,809
Other work visas 440 22,717

How long does a New Zealand work visa take?

The visa can take a range of 21 to 67 days to get an application completed and approved for the New Zealand work visa.


Jobs in demand in New Zealand

  • Construction and Infrastructure.
  • Business.
  • Health and Community.
  • Arts and Media.
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation.
  • Farming, Fishing, Forestry, and Mining.
  • IT and Telecommunications.
  • Education and Social Sciences.

Can I get a work visa without a job offer in New Zealand?

This can happen only on the exception if you qualify for one of ‘open’ work visa categories, such as a Working Holiday visa, a Partner of a Worker Work Visa, or a Post-Study Work Visa.

Types of New Zealand Work Visa

New Zealand Work Visas can be divided into two broad categories: Permanent and Temporary. In general, New Zealand does not offer a permanent Visa on arrival, except to Australian nationals. below are the visa types in the country…

Temporary Work Visa

Just like the name goes, a Temporary Work Visa is offered to individuals who wish to work in New Zealand for a short duration of time. These Visas vary highly as per different characteristics of individuals and their job type.

below are more categories of Temporary Work Visas:

Essential Skills Work Visa

Those who provide their services in sought-after domains in New Zealand can get an Essential Skills to work Visa. These job profiles are listed by the New Zealand government on the skill shortage list, which is updated as per the labor market requirements.

How to Apply for Essential Skills Work Visa

You need the following documents to apply for the visa:

  • Your company must demonstrate that the post is not filled by a New Zealander.
  • An “Employer Supplementary Form” describing your job offer by the employer.
  • Official past transcripts, certificates, and records.
  • A job offer for a full-time position, as well as a copy of your employment contract.
  • Occupational registration form (if applicable)

Employer Endorsed Work Visa

Employers have advertised the job in New Zealand and made unsuccessful efforts to find a suitable New Zealand citizen.

The employer helps in immigration by providing supporting information, demonstrating their efforts to recruit New Zealand citizens.

Work to Residence Visa

Work to Residence Visa is the most common method used for gaining a Skill Migrant Resident Visa in New Zealand. It is valid for 30 months and during its validity, the employee must work for at least 24 months to be eligible.

Accredited Employer Work Visa

This type of Visa is granted by an accredited recruiter and used when the job skills are highly specialized. Upon getting this Visa, employees can apply for a Residence Visa under Residence from Work.

New Zealand Work Visa Requirements

These requirements are as follows:

  • Identity: Identity proof and Character proof, which must be recent.
  • Medical certificate: Getting Medical certificates showing physical fitness
  • Account set up: You must have a Real work account. This account works as your profile with the New Zealand Immigration department and will be used for formal communication.
  • Proficiency documents and papers: Translation of documents into English, if they are originally in a native language.
  • Passports: Official passport or certificate of identity and two acceptable visa photographs.
  • proof of character: Proof of good character; completed character questionnaire, Police Certificates from your country of origin and any other country.

How to apply for a New Zealand student visa

To make an application for a New Zealand student visa, you can apply online or in-person before traveling.

Apply in person within your home country, you will need to contact your local New Zealand consulate or embassy to get an application form.

However, you can apply online by visiting the official website www.immigration.govt.NZ ( and creating an account. The application should be at least six weeks before you travel to New Zealand.


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